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This is a regular Joomla! article. See how it can be extended with Magic Window.

User details

User details will show up for logged in users only. You are not logged in. Please login to view your user details.


This is PHP code example: your IP is

This is javascript example: show my IP

Conditional content display

This text is hidden for users containing string "demo" in username. Login as demo user to see the difference. You can apply conditional display to any piece of HTML code.

Content access control

This text will show up for unregistered (not logged in) users and hide for registered users. You can control access to any piece of HTML code.


Hover this text

jQuery UI tabs

This is a jQuery UI tabbed pane.

It opens on mouse over and remembers the last visited tab (can be disabled).

This is the second tab

These tabs have navigation at the bottom and different styling. Any theme from jQuery themeroller can be applied.

Also these tabs are collapsible (click once more on active navigation button) and can be sorted (by changing the order of navigation buttons).

This is the second tab
This is the third tab


If you want to test Magic Window, you can log in to the backend and add some content to a test article. To view the changes you've made, open the corresponding test article (see the navigation list on the right). You can also log in to frontend via login form on the right.

Login details:
username demo
password demo

If you can't enter, then someone is already logged in with these credentials. In this case log in using another username (demo2, demo3, ..., demo10) with the same password (demo).


For additional information, please submit a question.